Monday, October 6, 2014

Treasure Gems November Monthly Report

I have made money at Paidverts!  So exciting to actually see something fall into place.  Hope you will join me there and I promise to give you some tips on how to increase your earnings.  I also cashed out at InBoxDollars and am working on doing it again.  The money I made there paid for my monthly fee at our main business, All in One Profit.  So, it is all coming together for the plan.  Just patience, doing the clicks daily, doing some promoting daily and you will begin to see the results.  I have.

It is November, a month that is set aside to be thankful.  Funny we need a month set aside, as being thankful should be a daily attitude.  Fall has set in, it is getting cold outside so staying in and working on line is a blessing for me.  I have been checking out some neat places, where you can make banners, gif's, splash pages (all free).  I will share those with you when you become a team member, a bonus for joining!

I have also found a few good safelists, traffic exchanges that are not over filled with groupies.  You will have a better chance to stand out in them.  The social traffic exchanges are fun but personally, I have never had any results from them.  Now, I am looking for results.

I need to update my social networks, have been slipping up on those.  I get so busy searching for good things to share with the team, I forget to stay in touch..when staying in touch must be number one.  I personally, have made some outstanding on line friends and enjoy the social interaction with them.

Don't be left behind, throwing your money away on this and that next big thing, making others money and leaving you with none, join me today and let's start you off on the road to success.  This team build is not about becoming a million dollars richer, it is about making enough money to supplement your monthly income.  For me, I am on a very fixed income, disability, and do not have any money to spare so this has worked out great for me to use as a feeder program, using the funds I earn towards the businesses I want to promote and earn from. 

I hope you join the team and look forward to serving you and helping you with your goals.