Monday, October 6, 2014

Time out Some Good Places to Check out

I am not, repeat not, an internet guru.  I can surf, cut, paste, view, type and then it begins to get blurry.  I love being on line though and wanted to earn some extra money to help supplement my income.

In the years I have been trying, nothing has worked for me, can't seem to get people in my downline no matter how long I promote, but I have been paid and am earning from PTC's.  I am very careful in what I sign up with, most are here today, gone tomorrow.  I have a group that I do, they are all older companies, they all pay, and all are easy to do.

Today I added two of them, I have a couple more, please sign up and I will help you grow and earn.  Little tricks my sponsor taught me and he makes about $195 a day...

Until next time

Enjoy your life and love those around you.  

 Note:  Paidverts is new but I think it is HOT...going up, just have patience and read about the company that started it, learn how to do the ads to make more money and LOOK OUT....