Thursday, September 18, 2014

C-Branding and Something Extra

Everyone knows about branding?  It is marking yourself, make yourself stand out from the crowd.  There are so many helps out there about branding, I really can't add to it.  The only point I would like to make is:  It is a must!  People on line will probably never met you in person so you have to present yourself to them.  I believe that being honest, confident and sincerely wanting to get to know you are all so important.  When I say being honest, I do not mean that you lay out your whole life history, you tell how you are qualified to sell them a product or have them follow your lead.  A little background is good, to much is boring.

The picture you use is your "brand".  If you are promoting serious things on line, a picture of a cute cat probably will not make a good impression.  Remember, you only have a few seconds, so really make them count.  I know some marketers who use animals, cute pictures and other things, but it is appropriate in what they are marketing.  Think about what you say about yourself and about the picture you will brand yourself with.

To be successful, you also need to choose your path and stay on it.  I do not mean you can never add new things or drop things that are not working for you, but you should, again, think it out before you put it out there.  Trust is so important and you are going for building that between yourself and your future partners.  Who trusts someone who flip and flops, joining everything, getting you to sign up and you never hear from them again.?  When I first began, and I am still a beginner, I joined up with everything.  I became lost, confused and spread out way to thin.  I have had some time to think this through, and am re-doing myself.  I am only promoting what I am comfortable with, if it is 5 paid to click sites, 5 traffic exchanges, then that is what I will promote.  Being overwhelmed is a good recipe for quitting.

Another gem for you to consider, and I learned this the hard way, is be very careful who you trust and follow.  If the person is a dictator, saying you have to do this, join this, pay this, and all they talk about is how great they are, RUN.  This is a person who is only out for number 1 and will toss you out, ignore you as soon as you stand up and say, "I can't afford all this, or I can't do all these things".

What to look for?  Does the person who is asking you to join them, honest with you?  Giving you the pro's and con's, telling you the truth on how they are doing with the opportunity.  Are they working with you, teaching you, being a friend?  An excellent example of a super training site is:  CTP     That is my link, I would love you to join with me and we could grow together.  The tim tech team gives you a ton of training and the cost is $0.
I will leave you for now to work on your branding with these valuable facts:
  1.  You Have To Be Known....Brand Yourself
  2.  You Have To Be Consistent....Developing Trust
  3.  Start Small and Build.....Gain Experience
  4.  This Is Your Business....Handle it as a Business
  5.  You Have To Spend To Earn
Next post, my plan of action....Until then

Be good to yourselves and to others..Give of yourself freely

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sharing with You A Remarkable Book for Children

Let's all help kids gain more confidence and self esteem with this new motivational product.  Is there anything better than a smile from a child?

Kids love to laugh and they love appreciations of all kinds.  A smile from a child is pure joy and really there is nothing to compare this to.  There is a new book out that helps to motivate kids while at the same time building their confidence and self esteem.

Im So Proud Of will:
  1. Motivate a child to  pursue  their dreams
  2. Increase self-confidence in making good choices
  3. Encourage continued effort to do the right thing
  4. build lifelong, positive relationships
  5. provide visible proof of achievements (no action, however small, need go unnoticed)
  6. create lasting memories that reinforce good behavior.

 Give the gift of self-worth today!  It is the perfect gift for: birthdays, baby showers, any holiday, just because

I'm So Proud Of   For only $12.95 (less than the price of two fast food meals), you get everything you need to create lasting motivation for your child.

  • Keepsake 52 page I'm so proud of book
  • Illustrated inspirational messages that kids love
  • Room to record special notes
  • The reminder "I am the best!" on every page
  • two pads of custom sticky notes

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See the great savings offered for Fundraiser's.  Instead of selling candy, popcorn, peanuts or pizza or the things that are unhealthy, use I'm So Proud Of
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Kathy Clouse
Proud Mom and Grand-mom 
Blogger too

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

B-First Things First

Hopefully you are not like me and dive right in before making a plan or even knowing what you are doing but if you are, then this is for you.  I learned the hard way, as I always do and became so overwhelmed, lost, confused, tears began to flow and I almost tossed the computer and myself out the window.  (No biggie, I live on the first floor).  From all the lessons I have learned, there is a proper order to set everything up.  Thanks to the great people at  ClickTrackProfit, which is free to join and offers a marvelous training program, I have advanced beyond crying!

Before you join any opportunity or business on line, follow this plan and it will help make your life easier.

  • Sit down, with old fashion pen and paper and write out your goals, what you want, how much you can spend, how many hours to you have to give to the internet.  You also should put down a list of your strengths and weaknesses, your dreams and wishes, your needs.  On your list of attributes,  pick the top three, circle them, write them out in a post note and put it somewhere(mine is right on my computer) so you will be reminded what you are going for.  
The above gives you a road map, stick with it.  It is so easy to get lost when you are out there, this helps keep focus.

  • Either make a hard copy (off line) or a word doc or excel doc.  I use more than one, you set it up for how you keep records.  You want 1 for all your traffic exchange programs(TE), putting in the name of the exchange, your user name, your log in name, your password, the link to get in, and I also put ads to use.  Next, Paid to Clicks, Safe Lists, Businesses, and any other things that you do.  These really help.   
  • Branding.  You will here lots about branding yourself.  On the internet, the only way people get to know you and trust you is through the process of branding.  I see branding in 2 parts, 1st the actual picture and information about you and 2nd, getting involved in social networks.  
Lets do the picture, information part first.
  • You are told to use your own picture, but I know of some people who are very well know and earn on line using other things, animals, mountains, etc.  If you are promoting Traffic Exchanges, social lists, and other such things, that would work but if you are going into affiliate marketing, promoting others deals or promoting you own, I would use my own face.  A good picture to use is one that is full faced with a smile.  You want to look professional and friendly, someone people want to do business with.  Most of the time you get one time and that is it.  People go with people, they think are honest and friendly.  On line, you only have a picture and what you say about yourself to start.
  • When you are writing your bio or history, keep it short, simple and factual.  I have read some that are unreal! Tell people what sets you apart from the crowd, what makes you someone that can lead, who are you?  Why would I join up with you instead of Joe Smith?  I tend to ramble so I try and have someone edit my writings so they are easier to understand and not going all over the map.  
TE Headquarters  has a great program and a splash page which you can brand yourself, then use that page for advertising that site.  It helps you learn to format and set up a good, short splash.
Click Voyager      is a great TE that let's you make 3 splash pages to use to promote.  Plus they always have other specials.
Both of the two sites above are free to join and will help you in your branding.

Okay, this gives you a lot to set up.  Next time, we will discuss social networks and socializing.  That one is a biggie to me!

Your input is important to me, drop me a comment here or send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.


"One positive thought can change your whole day."

A-Building an Online Business

This blog is for my business.  I am in the business of making money online.  The last year has been fast forward with a lot of learning, some bad advice, some good, then some excellent.  There are people who have taken their time to help me grow and I shall be forever grateful.

The internet is a scary place for someone new.  I also get side tracked easily from the bells, whistles and huge promises.  Mostly, I know that they are just a waste of my time, there to make the person who is running the show money and if I fall and hit the join button, I will be disappointed.  The ones who have been around for a while have the following, the know how and the money to promote themselves.  They are the ones who get the people to join up with them and they are the ones who make money.  The rest of us, 99%, want what they have but just about all of us will give up.  Some with the money to spend, will spend until the money is gone or they are just fed up and they will quit.  But, never fear for the top people, a whole new batch is entering all the time and trying to earn.  Not all the people on the top are just in it for themselves, but we need to get real here, they are doing their thing for one main reason, that is to make money. Period.  

This does not mean that they are all a bunch of evil, lying, stealing fools, I have met some great people from the top.  It just means that the people who are making a living online are here for that reason.

Now, that I have that out, the rest of us, the newbie's and want-to-be's need to get the facts straight.  We need to dig deep and read the terms and conditions of joining a site, check to see how long they have been doing business, listen to their customers.  Check out the facts.  

FACT NUMBER ONE:      The people promoting are doing so to make money.
FACT NUMBER TWO:      It takes work to make it on line, just like off line.
FACT NUMBER THREE:  Nothing is free.  You may start free, but the owners want you to level                                                 up and spend money.

And finally, last, but probably the most important fact to remember:


I have some places listed here that are good.  The owners do care, will answer your questions and give you help.  What I am listing, is tools that are needed to have an online presence.  The more people see your face and make you a real person, the better chance you will have for them to trust you and enter into a working relationship.  

Next time, we start at step 1, Branding.  What it is, what it is good for, how to do it right.

"LIFE isn't about the Destination! It's about what you did during the journey. So Laugh, Love, Share, Inspire, Lead, Appreciate, and Give Back!""