Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A-Building an Online Business

This blog is for my business.  I am in the business of making money online.  The last year has been fast forward with a lot of learning, some bad advice, some good, then some excellent.  There are people who have taken their time to help me grow and I shall be forever grateful.

The internet is a scary place for someone new.  I also get side tracked easily from the bells, whistles and huge promises.  Mostly, I know that they are just a waste of my time, there to make the person who is running the show money and if I fall and hit the join button, I will be disappointed.  The ones who have been around for a while have the following, the know how and the money to promote themselves.  They are the ones who get the people to join up with them and they are the ones who make money.  The rest of us, 99%, want what they have but just about all of us will give up.  Some with the money to spend, will spend until the money is gone or they are just fed up and they will quit.  But, never fear for the top people, a whole new batch is entering all the time and trying to earn.  Not all the people on the top are just in it for themselves, but we need to get real here, they are doing their thing for one main reason, that is to make money. Period.  

This does not mean that they are all a bunch of evil, lying, stealing fools, I have met some great people from the top.  It just means that the people who are making a living online are here for that reason.

Now, that I have that out, the rest of us, the newbie's and want-to-be's need to get the facts straight.  We need to dig deep and read the terms and conditions of joining a site, check to see how long they have been doing business, listen to their customers.  Check out the facts.  

FACT NUMBER ONE:      The people promoting are doing so to make money.
FACT NUMBER TWO:      It takes work to make it on line, just like off line.
FACT NUMBER THREE:  Nothing is free.  You may start free, but the owners want you to level                                                 up and spend money.

And finally, last, but probably the most important fact to remember:


I have some places listed here that are good.  The owners do care, will answer your questions and give you help.  What I am listing, is tools that are needed to have an online presence.  The more people see your face and make you a real person, the better chance you will have for them to trust you and enter into a working relationship.  

Next time, we start at step 1, Branding.  What it is, what it is good for, how to do it right.

"LIFE isn't about the Destination! It's about what you did during the journey. So Laugh, Love, Share, Inspire, Lead, Appreciate, and Give Back!""