Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sharing with You A Remarkable Book for Children

Let's all help kids gain more confidence and self esteem with this new motivational product.  Is there anything better than a smile from a child?

Kids love to laugh and they love appreciations of all kinds.  A smile from a child is pure joy and really there is nothing to compare this to.  There is a new book out that helps to motivate kids while at the same time building their confidence and self esteem.

Im So Proud Of will:
  1. Motivate a child to  pursue  their dreams
  2. Increase self-confidence in making good choices
  3. Encourage continued effort to do the right thing
  4. build lifelong, positive relationships
  5. provide visible proof of achievements (no action, however small, need go unnoticed)
  6. create lasting memories that reinforce good behavior.

 Give the gift of self-worth today!  It is the perfect gift for: birthdays, baby showers, any holiday, just because

I'm So Proud Of   For only $12.95 (less than the price of two fast food meals), you get everything you need to create lasting motivation for your child.

  • Keepsake 52 page I'm so proud of book
  • Illustrated inspirational messages that kids love
  • Room to record special notes
  • The reminder "I am the best!" on every page
  • two pads of custom sticky notes

Great savings! Take $1 off the price and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the US when purchased through my link. The regular price is $12.95 plus shipping, so this will save you over $3 per book!  Don't wait,  Get your I'm So Proud Of book(s) today.

See the great savings offered for Fundraiser's.  Instead of selling candy, popcorn, peanuts or pizza or the things that are unhealthy, use I'm So Proud Of
for your fundraising and help make a positive difference for children and parents alike.  For details clink the link  Fundraisers inside.

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Kathy Clouse
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