Tuesday, September 2, 2014

B-First Things First

Hopefully you are not like me and dive right in before making a plan or even knowing what you are doing but if you are, then this is for you.  I learned the hard way, as I always do and became so overwhelmed, lost, confused, tears began to flow and I almost tossed the computer and myself out the window.  (No biggie, I live on the first floor).  From all the lessons I have learned, there is a proper order to set everything up.  Thanks to the great people at  ClickTrackProfit, which is free to join and offers a marvelous training program, I have advanced beyond crying!

Before you join any opportunity or business on line, follow this plan and it will help make your life easier.

  • Sit down, with old fashion pen and paper and write out your goals, what you want, how much you can spend, how many hours to you have to give to the internet.  You also should put down a list of your strengths and weaknesses, your dreams and wishes, your needs.  On your list of attributes,  pick the top three, circle them, write them out in a post note and put it somewhere(mine is right on my computer) so you will be reminded what you are going for.  
The above gives you a road map, stick with it.  It is so easy to get lost when you are out there, this helps keep focus.

  • Either make a hard copy (off line) or a word doc or excel doc.  I use more than one, you set it up for how you keep records.  You want 1 for all your traffic exchange programs(TE), putting in the name of the exchange, your user name, your log in name, your password, the link to get in, and I also put ads to use.  Next, Paid to Clicks, Safe Lists, Businesses, and any other things that you do.  These really help.   
  • Branding.  You will here lots about branding yourself.  On the internet, the only way people get to know you and trust you is through the process of branding.  I see branding in 2 parts, 1st the actual picture and information about you and 2nd, getting involved in social networks.  
Lets do the picture, information part first.
  • You are told to use your own picture, but I know of some people who are very well know and earn on line using other things, animals, mountains, etc.  If you are promoting Traffic Exchanges, social lists, and other such things, that would work but if you are going into affiliate marketing, promoting others deals or promoting you own, I would use my own face.  A good picture to use is one that is full faced with a smile.  You want to look professional and friendly, someone people want to do business with.  Most of the time you get one time and that is it.  People go with people, they think are honest and friendly.  On line, you only have a picture and what you say about yourself to start.
  • When you are writing your bio or history, keep it short, simple and factual.  I have read some that are unreal! Tell people what sets you apart from the crowd, what makes you someone that can lead, who are you?  Why would I join up with you instead of Joe Smith?  I tend to ramble so I try and have someone edit my writings so they are easier to understand and not going all over the map.  
TE Headquarters  has a great program and a splash page which you can brand yourself, then use that page for advertising that site.  It helps you learn to format and set up a good, short splash.
Click Voyager      is a great TE that let's you make 3 splash pages to use to promote.  Plus they always have other specials.
Both of the two sites above are free to join and will help you in your branding.

Okay, this gives you a lot to set up.  Next time, we will discuss social networks and socializing.  That one is a biggie to me!

Your input is important to me, drop me a comment here or send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.


"One positive thought can change your whole day."